Functional Buttons

The following functional buttons are present throughout the application in the right pane:

clip0002  Allows you to add a new item to the list displayed in the right pane.

clip0003 Allows you to edit items (documents, document types, maintenance tasks and so on) from the list displayed in the right pane. Select the item to be edited, by clicking anywhere on a row, and click clip0003.

Note: Instead of clicking this button you may click the name of an item in a list.

clip0004 Allows you to remove items from the list displayed in the right pane.

To remove an item

  1. Click clip0053 at the end of the row with the item you want to delete.

  2. Click Delete to remove the corresponding item.


NOTE: If an item does not contain any data, it will be removed from the list. If there are dependent items, you will not be allowed to delete it (for example, you cannot delete an index field if it is used for defining report types).












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