Extra Processing Page

The Extra Processing page allows you to define and edit pre-processing and post-processing actions for filing tasks. These actions will be launched before or after carrying out a filing task.

To access the Extra Processing window

  1. Click Report Warehouse, then click Document Management and select Filing Tasks.

  2. Click the name of a task you want to specify pre-processing or post-processing actions for.

  3. Select the Pre Processing or Post Processing tab at the top of the Filing Task page.

The Extra Processing page contains:

  • Extra Processing pane: Displays the path to the specified executable file, the specified Ignore Fail setting (that is, Yes or No), and the specified command line parameters.

NOTE: Pre- and post-processing actions are executed in the order in which they are listed in the Extra Processing pane. To change the order, drag an item up or down.

  • The Add button: Click to add an extra processing action to the list. The Add Extra Process dialog box appears, containing the following items:

    • Executable File: Enter the path to an executable file to be used for pre- or post-processing.

    • Command Line Parameters: Enter a command statement and any necessary parameters of a process, which you want to launch before or after carrying out the current task.

    • Ignore Fail: Specify the desired Ignore Fail setting by either selecting this check box (to specify a Yes setting) or leaving it unselected (to specify a No setting). The Ignore Fail setting species whether or not the filing task should still be run if a pre- or post-processing action fails. Select Yes to have the filing task run if the pre- or post-processing action fails, or No to prevent the filing task from running if it fails.

  • The Save button: Saves the new extra process.

  • The Clear button: Clears all boxes.

  • The Cancel button: Cancels the operation.




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