Automator is a data conversion solution that uses existing ASCII or ANSI reports, PDF files, XPS files, ISAM files (e.g. XLS, MDB, ACCDB, DBF, Open XML Spreadsheets (XLSX/XLSM), html files, and OLEDB/ODBC sources as a source for data. You can input report files (e.g., TXT, DAT, PRN, LOG, .etc.) into Automator and then export their data to a variety of formats (e.g., PDF, XLS, XLSX/XLSM, MDB, ACCDB, HTML, DBF, etc.) or to an OLE DB or ODBC destination.  Automator also allows you to export files to a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, FTP/SFTP site, email destination, or distribution list. In short,  Automator lets you extract, transform, move and load data faster and more easily than previously possible.

Features and Functions

Automator has the following capabilities:

  • Automated conversion of data from TXT, PDF, ISAM, XPS, and OLE DB/ODBC sources to an ISAM, or OLE DB/ODBC (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle) target by scheduled or event-driven execution via monitored folders.

  • Email distribution of PDF, ISAM, and Open XML Spreadsheets

  • File system and SharePoint distribution of input and export files

  • RSS publication

  • Visual Process Designer tool

  • Creating logs and alerts resulting from operations

  • Allowing user creation of pre-processes and post-processes using VB.NET Scripting

  • Scheduled administration of job logs and database entries









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