Adding an Alert Action

When adding an alert, you must specify a distribution action for it. The distribution action you assign to the alert determines how you are notified of the problem. The Alert Properties page displays the list of actions that can be specified for the alert.

To add an action for an alert

  1. On the Alert Properties page click the Add icon Add button. The Action page will display.

  2. Select one of the following actions for alerts:

    • Email: Select to send an email notification. Note that if the email connection is down at the time the alert is invoked, the alert will also be written to the Windows Application Event Log.

    • RSS: Select to specify an RSS notification.

    • Log: Select to specify an Application Event Log notification. This can be useful if you use network management software such as BMC Patrol, IBM Tivoli, HP Openview or other software, to provide tighter integration into your systems management.

NOTE: If an alert already has an action set, you must add another action if one is required, rather than creating a new alert.












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