Rules when Exporting from a Table to a Database

When you export the table data to a database file, Monarch Classic uses the following rules to create the export file.


The active filter, if any, determines which records will be exported. Only those records that satisfy the filter are exported. This creates an export file that matches the records you see on screen in the Table window.


Hidden fields are excluded from the export file. All other fields, including calculated fields are exported.

When exporting memo fields to dBASE, a separate memo file is created for each memo field. The memo files use a .DBT extension. When exporting to Access, memo fields are held in the Access MDB database file along with all other fields.

Numeric fields are always exported in their most compact form, without currency symbols or thousands separators.

Field names

Each field name is used to name a field in the export file. When appending data to a database file, the field names are used to map fields from the Monarch Classic table to fields in the target table.

When exporting to a database format whose field naming rules are more restrictive than Monarch Classic’s (i.e., DBF files), Monarch Classic attempts to automatically adjust field names to conform to the export format's requirements.

If spaces or other punctuation are not allowed in field names, Monarch Classic replaces these characters in the field name with the underscore character.

If field name lengths exceed the export format's requirements, Monarch Classic truncates the field name to the maximum length supported. Note that DBF format supports a maximum field name length of 10 characters.

After the preceding adjustments have been made, Monarch Classic scans the field list to determine whether it contains any duplicate field names. If duplicate field names exist in the list, Monarch Classic adjusts the second and subsequent field names to make them unique. Typically, Monarch Classic will truncate the offending field name by three characters, then append a unique three digit number, beginning with "001". The resulting field list can then be exported to the target file format.





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