Overview: Calculated Fields

A calculated field is a field whose value is derived from other fields in the same record. A calculated field may contain a character, date or numeric value. Calculated fields can be used to perform a variety of tasks, including arithmetical computations, concatenating character fields, and extracting information from a field. In addition, calculated fields can be used in filter, sort and summary definitions and can be exported, copied and printed along with other fields.

Four types of calculated fields can be used.




When you create a formula-based calculated field, you create a calculated field expression. A calculated field expression is a formula that returns a value to a calculated field.


Lookup calculated fields are derived from the matching of existing field data with user-specified values. They can be useful in avoiding the long and complicated IF statements that can occur in formula-based calculated fields.

Runtime Parameter

When you open a model, if it contains a calculated field of this type, you are prompted to specify values for its runtime parameter(s).


These are a special form of calculated field in which the user may enter text. Such fields might be used, for example, to annotate rows in the table or to enter corrections for bad data.





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