Overview: Working with Reports

Monarch Classic is a report mining tool that lets you view, print, analyze and extract data from existing computer reports. Any report used in your organization can be accessed via Monarch Classic. Monarch Classic reads fixed-length text files (variously known as PRN files, formatted text files, SDF files, RPT files, etc.).

Monarch Classic is able to read a wide variety of input files, such as delimited text, HTML, MS-Excel, MS-Access, dBase and others.

Where do report files come from?

Report files are really nothing more than a stream of characters held in temporary storage on their way to a printer. On mini-computer and mainframe systems the storage area is typically called the "print queue". On most systems, files can be copied out of the print queue to a system file, then transferred to a PC using file transfer software in conjunction with terminal emulation hardware and software. If you are unfamiliar with this process, ask your PC manager or IT manager to show you how. If your PC is not connected to a host computer, you may be able to obtain a copy of the report on CD-ROM. Generally, your resource for hard copy reports will also be able to provide you with the report on disk or across the network.


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