Selecting a Font in Report View

You can select a font and font size for the Report window using the Toolbar's Font and Font Size boxes. The selected font and font size are used for both displaying and printing the report data.

Note: Only fixed-pitch fonts are available in the Report window, since their use would cause columns to be misaligned when printed. (Monarch Classic allows proportional-pitch fonts in the Table and Summary windows, however.) For example, the following illustration shows the effect of using a proportional-pitch font versus a fixed-pitch font to print several columns of report data.


Proportional Font (Calibri 10 pt.):


Fixed Pitch Font (Courier New, 9pt):


  1. Use Font Selector on the Report View ribbon:


  2. Select another font or font size using the drop-down lists.

    Note: The point sizes available may vary depending upon the font selected. The font size list displays all available font sizes from a minimum of 6 points to a maximum of 20 points. If the font size you want is not available for the selected font, try selecting another font.





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