Retention Options Dialog

Use this dialog to specify whether Monarch Classic should retain the currently open report and model files when opening a second or subsequent report file. This dialog appears when you have a report and/or a model file open, and you attempt to open another report.




Retain Current Reports

Select this option when you want to open a new report and retain any reports that are currently open. To close all open reports and replace them with the new report, leave this option unselected.

With Monarch Classic you can work with up to 1024 instances of a report at the same time. This feature is useful for viewing or analyzing data from a series of reports. Data extracted from all reports is concatenated to form a single Table database. The Table and Summary windows include all of the data, just as though it were extracted from a single [large] report.

This feature should not be used to extract data from multiple dissimilar reports. Because only a single set of data extraction templates (i.e., a single model file) applies to all open reports, data extracted from dissimilar reports would not produce a sensible Table database.

Retain Current Model

Select this option when you want to apply the current model parameters to the new report. If you leave this option unselected, Monarch Classic will reset the model parameters when it loads the new report.


Removes the dialog and loads the new report file. Currently open reports and model parameters are either retained or discarded, depending upon the dialog settings.


Removes the dialog and aborts the originating command.


Displays this help topic.




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