Using Project Files to Import Data

Unlike model files, Monarch Classic project files are designed to be system-specific rather than portable across multiple systems. When you store a project file for a Monarch Classic session in which you have imported data from an external database, Monarch Classic stores the data source information and any import filters for the external database from which you imported data. The project file also stores the name of the model that is used in the session, which provides the names of all imported fields and their properties. Thus, a project file can be used to completely restore a Monarch Classic session that includes data imported from an external data source.

Beginning with Monarch Classic version 8 and the introduction of user-edited fields, the data entered in those fields are also stored in the project. Monarch Classic is now capable of storing any database passwords in the project file. These passwords are stored using RSA encryption.

Note: Altair Monarch is unable to recover any forgotten passwords stored in project or model files.


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