Working with Tables from Monarch (PDF/PRN) Reports

PDF or PRN reports opened in Data Prep Studio via Report Design display in the Prepare window as a Monarch node.


Here, the parent (top) table is editable but the child (bottom) is not.

Working with the parent table

Clicking on the drop-down button located to the right of the parent table displays a menu that allows you to perform several actions. Right-clicking on the table produces the same menu:


These actions are described here.


Working with the child table

The child tables of a Monarch node cannot be edited but you can modify the model associated with them. To do so, click on the drop-down button located to the right of a child table and then select Edit in Report Design from the options that display. If your Monarch nodes includes more than one child table, you can close individual tables by calling the context menu once more and selecting Remove Report.




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