Suppressing Duplicate Key Values in a Summary in Data Prep Studio

Suppressing duplicate values reduces the amount of visual clutter in a report and helps to emphasize details. Monarch Data Prep Studio includes this facility, allowing you to suppress duplicate values for any key field in a summary.

For instance you can suppress duplicate Buyer Name values in this example:


To have a summary that looks like this:


  1. Select the summary with field names you wish to modify and then click Edit Summary.

    The Edit Summary dialog displays.

  2. Click on the Edit icon located the to left of a field whose duplicates you wish to suppress.  

    The Field Properties dialog displays.

  3. In the Layout tab, use the Key Values drop-down to select Suppress Duplicates.


  4. Click OK to close the Field Properties dialog and then click OK on the Edit Summary dialog.

    Your summary displays without duplicate rows.




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