Pivot Field Dialog

Use this dialog to add subtotals to a Row Label when exporting table data to an XLSX file with pivot tables.




Custom Name

Assigns any name you wish to the column name. This name displays in the Pivot Table Field List when the pivot table has been generated.



Adds a subtotal using the default summary function


Instructs Monarch Classic to not add subtotals to the pivot table


Instructs Monarch Classic to use a subtotal function different from that applied automatically or add other types of subtotals

  • Sum - The sum of the values. This function is the default for numeric data

  • Count - The number of data values. This function is the default for data types other than numeric.

  • Average - The average of the values.

  • Max - The largest value.

  • Min - The smallest value.

  • Product - The product of the values.

  • CountNums - The number of data values as numbers

  • StdDev - An estimate of the standard deviation of a set of values.

  • StdDevp - The standard deviation of all of the values.

  • Var - An estimate of the variance of a set of values.

  • Varp - The variance of all of the values.

Layout & Print

Show outline labels in outline form

Displays the data in an outline (hierarchical) across columns. You can further:

  • Display labels in the next field in the same column (compact form)

  • Display subtotals at the top of each group

Show outline labels in tabular form

Displays the data in a table format. This setting allows easy copying from one worksheet to another.

Insert blank line after each label

Adds a blank line to the sheet after each label.

Insert page break after each item

Prints each pivot item on a new page.




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