Selecting New Sample Text

When you initially create a template, you choose a sample of your data to help to define the trap and fields. This sample text is simply a copy of the data you selected. It is not a live view of your data.

If you decide to modify the template at a later date when the report is run again, you will see that the sample matches the data in the old report rather than the report that you are currently viewing. If you find this mismatch distracting, you can choose a new sample line without affecting the rest of your template definition. You can also select a new sample line to add or delete lines from the existing template definition.

NOTE: If you choose to make the sample smaller, Monarch Data Prep Studio will delete any fields that reside outside the new sample.

  1. Go to the Report Design window and then select the template whose sample line you wish to edit from the Template and Field Properties panel.

  2. Select a new sample line from the report.

    • To select a single line sample, click in the line selection area to the left of the line.

    • To select a multiple line sample, click down in the line selection area to the left of the first line, drag down to the last line, then release.

  3. Click the Replace Sample Text button on the template editor. Monarch Data Prep Studio replaces the sample text with your selection.

  4. Recreate your template using this new sample text.




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