LocalDB Caching

Improvements to Monarch Classic's localDB caching operations have been improved to address issues observed when dealing with unexpected deletions/unavailability of files and folders or when changes to the Microsoft SQL Server Local DB Instance and Cache DB/Log folders are made between Monarch Classic sessions. These issues are commonly observed when working with Citrix and other virtualized software solutions as well as when non-standard Group Policy/Roaming Profile configurations are made.

LocalDB instances are hard-coded to a specific folder, and instances retain all of the information on the location and configuration of cache databases. Because localDB is essentially full SQL Server, deletion of the MDF and LDF files "outside" of SQL Server corrupts the cache database instance. For example, corruption can happen when %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server Local DB\Instances or %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp is deleted.

Improvements to the localDB cache have been made to allow:

  • More control over disk space usage

  • More flexibility when dealing with complex environments with unexpected non-persistence of files/folders (e.g., Citrix/Terminal Services/RDS etc., non-standard Group Policy configurations, Roaming Profile implementations)

  • Easy configuration of local SQL Express instead of localDB

More information on the caching options made available in the current version of Monarch Classic can be found here.



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