Capture and Transform Data from Virtually Any Source

Altair® Monarch® is a multi-component application that allows you to model and extract analytical assets from both structured and less-than-structured sources, such as PDFs, reports, and EDI streams, and then use the data obtained in a self-service manner on your desktop for broader analytical use.

Some key benefits of Monarch include:

  • Ease of Use

  • Designed for data architects, data engineers, and business analysts, Monarch’s intuitive wizard driven interface 80+ prebuilt functions to easily transform messy data into useable data sets for further analytic use. Models built in Monarch can be exported into common BI or other analytics platforms.

  • Powerful, Efficient Self-Service Data Preparation

  • As an industry leader for 30 years, Monarch is the fastest and easiest way to extract data from dark, semi-structured data like PDFs and text files, as well as big data and other structured sources. Build trust in your metrics with auditable change histories and clear data lineage tracking. No coding is required.

  • Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiencies

  • Desktop-based self-service data preparation eliminates the need for IT to extract data, which is often very time consuming and labor intensive. Automated repeatable processes with reusable models and workspaces allows workers to spend their time analyzing data instead of preparing it for analytic needs.


The complete features of your Monarch Complete application depend on the license you purchased.

For example, if you purchased a license for Monarch Classic, you gain access to all of Monarch Classic's standard capabilities, which include creation of data extraction templates, definition of tables and summaries, preparation and analysis of data, and export of data to a variety of file formats.

If you purchased a license for Monarch Complete, you gain access to all of  Monarch Classic's standard capabilities plus those of Monarch Data Prep Studio, a powerful solution offered only in Monarch Complete that is designed to address most of your data preparation needs. This Monarch component allows you to obtain data not just from structured data sources, such as common CSV and report files, but also from unstructured Excel files and even text-heavy PDFs, thus ensuring that you gain all of the information you need from your data resources.

If the features you require are not included in the license you purchased and you would like to take advantage of all of Monarch Complete's capabilities, contact Altair Sales.

The features described in this help file are applicable to Monarch Complete installations authenticated with all license types unless otherwise indicated.

More documentation on Monarch Complete and other Altair products is available online here.



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