Select a First Value Field Dialog

Using this dialog, you can insert into a page header or footer the first value of a particular field in the input file. If you then print the pages while in Table or Summary view, the first value of the specified input field will be included in the page header or footer.  

To access this dialog, select First Value of Field... on the header/footer component selector on the Header Layout or Footer Layout tabs of the Page Setup Dialog.




Field Name

Lists the names of all of the available fields of the specified field type. To insert the first value of a particular field into the page header or footer, select the desired field, then click the OK button (or simply double-click the field). Note: By default, all available fields are displayed, but you can limit the displayed fields to a particular field type (e.g., runtime fields) by selecting one of the field type display options below.


Displays the template from which the field comes from.

Sample Value

Provides a sample value for each field in the input file.


Applies the value.

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