Insert Date Dialog

Use this dialog to insert the date, the time, or the date and time together into the Expression field when creating a calculated field, filter, or find expression.

To access the Insert Date dialog, double-click the {date} operator in any of the Operators lists that appear throughout the Monarch Classic interface (e.g., on the Formula tab of the Formula Field Properties Window or the Formula Based Filter Properties Window).

Note: The Insert Date dialog inserts dates into expressions in ISO 8601 format, i.e., yyyy-mm-dd.




Pattern options:

Specifies one of the following options as the date pattern (i.e., format):

  • Date: Select to insert just the date, e.g., 2006-11-15.

  • Time: Select to insert just the time, e.g., 11:17:47 AM.

  • Date and Time: Select to insert the date and time, e.g., 2006-11-15 11:17:47 AM.


Displays the current date in the selected Pattern (i.e., either Date, Time, or Date and Time). Note: To change the current date, click the adjacent drop-down button and use the calender that displays to select a different date. To change the current date pattern, select one of the Pattern options above.


Saves the current settings and closes the dialog.


Cancels any changes to the settings and closes the dialog.


Displays this help topic.





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