Function: RedactDigitsWithConsistentAlias

The RedactDigitsWithConsistentAlias function is a redaction function that can be used in calculated field expressions.


RedactDigitsWithConsistentAlias replaces original digits in a field value with a random pattern of digits. Any non-digit characters in the input text are preserved.

This function also ensures that all instances of a field value are replaced consistently across the entire report.

For instance, if you have an Account Number 123446 occurring 5 times within a report, using this method will replace all occurrences of 123446 with 444444. This will allow you to aggregate or summarize on 444444 and get the correct results.

This function produces redaction results equivalent to Consistent alias digits in Input Field Properties Window.




Text may be any field of type text containing numbers.

Return Value

This function returns random digits for a given field value.

Calculated field example

If you have a field named  Account Number with the following values:

    • 123456

    • 333456

    • 333456

    • 123456

    • 123444

Using the function RedactDigitsWithConsistentAlias([Account Number]) will produce the following result:

    • 444444

    • 222222

    • 222222

    • 444444

    • 333333




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