Function: NSplit


Splits a string representing a person's name into five substrings (Prefix, Firstname, Middle, Lastname, and Suffix) then returns the specified substring. Note: The substrings are always numbered as follows: 1 - Prefix, 2 - Firstname, 3 - Middle name (or initial), 4 - Lastname, 5 - Suffix. This rule applies in all cases, even when one or more of the components is missing from a name.




string is the person's name. The string can be a constant, a character field, an expression that results in a string or a function that returns a string.

n tells Monarch Classic which substring you want the function to return. This value can be a constant, a numeric field, an expression that results in a number or a function that returns a number.

Return value

This function returns a character string.

Calculated field example

If the Name field contained the value Dr. Juan H. Fernandez, DDS, the following calculated field expression would return Fernandez: NSplit(Name,4)

Filter/Find example

Records with a Name field value of Dr. Elizabeth R. Jones, MD or Dr. Peterson, MD can be selected or found using the expression: NSplit(Name,5)="MD"




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