Function: ID


Returns the number of the report file used to build a record. Note: Monarch Classic assigns an ID number to each report when the report is opened. The first report opened is assigned 1, the second is assigned 2, etc. When a report is closed, Monarch Classic reassigns ID numbers to collapse the list (e.g., when the second of three open reports is closed, the ID of the third report is reassigned from 3 to 2).





Return value

This function returns a number.

Calculated field example

If both the Classapr.prn report and the Classmay.prn report were opened, in that order, the following calculated field expression would return the value 1 for all records extracted from the Classapr.prn report and 2 for all records extracted from the Classmay.prn report: ID()\

Filter/Find example

The following filter or find expression would return or find those records which were extracted from the second open report: ID()=2





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