Function: Dtoc


Converts a date to character format.


Dtoc(date[,date format])


date can be a constant, a date field, an expression that results in a date, or a function that returns a date.

The optional date format parameter tells Monarch Classic how to interpret the date. Valid options for this parameter are:

  • "m/d/y"

  • "d/m/y"

  • "y/m/d"

The quotation marks are required.

The date format setting is useful when:

  • Reports contain dates in more than one format

  • You need to set the date to match or conform to regional settings

Return value

This function returns a string in the form MM/DD/YYYY.

Calculated field example

If the Ship_Date field contained a date of 1/2/2003, the following calculated field expression would convert it to a character string of 01/02/2003: DtoC(Ship_Date).




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