Exporting Data in Monarch Classic

One of the key features of Monarch Classic is that you can export input files as well as extracted data into a number of file formats.

Monarch Classic can export:

  • Reports

  • Tables

  • Summaries

  • Redaction Aliases

Reports may be exported as .txt and .pdf files, while tables and summaries may be exported to a wider variety of formats, including .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .mdb, .dbase, .accdb, .htm, and .xml, among others.

Redaction aliases are exported to .csv files.

Tables may also be exported to SAP AIS, Tableau (.csv), and QlikView QVX (.qvx) files. Exports to Tableau Server are supported in Monarch Classic.

Note that Monarch Classic no longer supports integration with Panopticon Designer. Thus, while the settings of exports to this application may display in workspaces created in previous versions of Monarch Classic, these exports will fail when run and return the message "Panopticon Designer was deprecated in 2020, please use an alternative export format."

If you would like to be able to export to a file format supported by Monarch Complete but are not allowed to by your license, contact Altair Sales.




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