Connectors: Miscellaneous Notes

Connection Strings that Exceed 1020 characters

For connectors that use ODBC Drivers Monarch Data Prep Studio use a DSN-less connection.

However,  the .NET ODBC Driver does not support Connection Strings longer than 1024 characters (OdbcConnection.ConnectionString Property (System.Data.Odbc) | Microsoft Learn).

For Connection Strings that exceed 1020 for the following workaround is implemented:

  1. A File DSN is temporarily created, but only for the following operations: Test Connection, Load Tables and Preview Data 
  2. The following is included in the File DSN: Access Token and Refresh Token.
    The rest of the connection options become part of the connection string.
    If the connection string reaches 1020 characters, the following error message is dispayed: “Connection string exceeds maximum allowed length of 1024.”
  3. The File DSN is deleted after connection.

Support for Progress Short Names/Aliases

Progress short names are supported by this release of Monarch Data Prep Studio, specifically in the Other Connection Options field.


  1. Enter LGCF=Test in the Other Connection Options
  2. Select Test Connection


This will set the value of “Log Config File“ to “test“, as LGCF is the short name for Log Config File.


As a reference the driver configuration file will have an Aliases entry, for instance:





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