Creating Service Accounts for Connectors Using OAuth Authentication

The steps below describe how to create service accounts for connectors with OAuth authentication.


  1. Login to your Hubspot account.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Navigate to Integrations > API Key.

  4. Generate an API Key:


    Next Step:

    When importing tables from HubSpot, add the following Other connection option using the key value as your API Key: "APIKey=[key value]"

Google BigQuery

Go to

  1. Login to your Google account.

  2. Select a project.

  3. Select Create Credentials > Service Account.

  4. Specify a Name and Description.

  5. Note of the Service Account ID. This will be the value for OAuthJWTIssuer.

  6. Click Create Button, Continue, then Done.

  7. Edit the new service account.

  8. Select Keys > Add Key > Create New Key,

  9. Select P12 key type, then Create.


    A p12 file will be generated. This will be the value for OAuthJWTCert.

  10. Take note of the private key password (e.g. “notasecret”), this will be the value for OAuthJWTCertPassword.

  11. Click Save.

  12. Select Create Credentials, OAuth Client ID.

  13. Select Desktop app as Application Type, then set the Name.

  14. Note the Client ID and Client Secret. These will be the values for OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret, respectively.


  15. Go to Library, search for Google Drive API and Google BigQuery API, and click on Enable API.




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