Connector Dialog for ODBC

Enter values into the dialog box to connect and fetch data from your ODBC source.




The ODBC Data Source you want to connect to. Select a DSN from the drop-down list.

Use Windows Authentication

(Available only when accessing SQL databases)
Option to allow the use of Windows credentials when accessing the database.

User ID

A valid User ID required to log-on to ODBC.


A valid Password required to log-on to ODBC.

Test Connection

Click on this button to test your connection to the  ODBC Database

Load Tables

Loads the tables of the Data Source. Tables are displayed on the Tables list.

Search Tables

Allows you to search for a specific table. Enter your search criteria into the search box.

Table List

Allows you to select a table. Check the box beside a table to use. You can select more than one table, and you can check the box beside Name on the header to select all tables.



If you have issues fetching data via ODBC, check that you have enabled quoted identifiers, if supported, during setup. 

Also, confirm the the required settings for the following:


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