Connector Dialog for Google Analytics

Enter values into the dialog box to connect and fetch data from your Google Analytics source. You will need the following to fetch Google Analytics data:

  • Service Account e-mail

  • Key File

  • Profile ID

Note that some date/time data imports from Google Analytics may display differently in Monarch Data Prep Studio. For example, average time values (under Metrics), such as Avg. Session Duration and Avg. Time on page, display in Google Analytics in HH:MM:SS format but display in Monarch Data Prep Studio in SS (seconds) format . You can use the date/time formatting options of Monarch Data Prep Studio to format the necessary fields after import these data into the application.




Service Account

The Service Account ID that is generated while creating credentials for the service account authentication.

Key File Path

Location of the Key File furnished by Google Analytics when you created the Service Account. You can also click Browse to select the path of the key file.

Get Accounts

Click to fetch accounts associated with the Service Account E-mail.


Select your Google Analytics Account from the drop-down.


Select the Property defined for your account.


Select a corresponding view for the Property.

Start Date/End Date

Select the data range that will be used to filter the Google Analytics rows.

Fetch Dimension and Metrics

Click to select the Dimensions and  Metrics valid for the Google Account you have specified.

This populates the Categories, Dimensions and Metrics list boxes.


Click to navigate and select a Google Analytics Category.


Double click to select a Google Analytics Dimension.


Double-click to select a Metric.

Selected Columns

Displays the columns that have been fetched.

Validate Selection

Validate the Dimensions and Metrics you have selected.

Preview Data

Click to fetch data using the credentials and criteria you have specified. 10 records are displayed to allow you to verify that you are selecting the correct data.


Select OK to establish the connection and fetch data or Cancel to close the dialog. 

The state of the OK and PREVIEW buttons provide a handy status about the state of your connection:

  • The OK and PREVIEW DATA buttons are enabled as soon as the required fields have been entered and verified. This usually means a connection to the data source has been established and a table has been selected.

  • The OK button is disabled when an update is made that can lead to an invalid result (e.g. the User Name or Password is not valid, or the the SQL statement in the Query tab is invalid). In such cases, use  PREVIEW DATA to validate that data can be retrieved. If this fails verify your connection information or query until data can be retrieved.

General Instructions

  1. Launch the Connect to Data dialog and then select Google Analytics.

    The Google Analytics Connection dialog displays.

  2. Provide the following information:

    • Service Account Email

    • Key File Path

    • Accounts, Properties, and Views.

  3. Click Get Accounts and then select Accounts, Properties, and Views.

  4. Enter the Start Date and End Date.

  5. Click Fetch Dimensions and Metrics.

    This populates the Categories, Dimensions and Metrics list boxes.

  6. Double-click on any field from these list boxes. They are selected and displayed in the Selected Columns list.

  7. Click X to delete a selected column in the list.

  8. Click OK to confirm the selection and retrieve the record set into Monarch Data Prep Studio.



  • You cannot select more than 7 dimensions and 10 metrics.

  • Some dimension and metric combinations do not work together. At present, no list of compatible combinations is available. For more information on compatible dimensions and metrics, to this site  and filter on "segment only" data to obtain valid combinations for segmented data.

  • Selecting any dimension/metric will disable non-compatible dimensions/metrics.

  • Google Analytics error report definitions and system limits may be found here.

  • Information on how to configure service account authentication for Google Analytics is provided here.




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