Connector Dialog for Active Directory

Enter values into the dialog box to connect and fetch data from your Active Directory data source.




Server Name

The name of the Server to connect to. This name must be prefixed by: LDAP://

User ID

A valid User ID required to log-on to the data source.


A valid Password required to log-on to the data source. This password must match the User ID above.

Base DN

The base portion of the distinguished name, used for limiting results to specific subtrees.


Select the table you want to view from the drop-down.


Enter required criteria as needed. Refer to this article for more information.

Validate Connection

Click to check that the connection information you have entered is correct. 

An error message will display if validation is not succesful. Otherwise the message Validation Successful is displayed.

Preview Data

Click to fetch data using the credentials and criteria you have specified. This allows you to confirm your connection, ensure you have connected to the correct table, check your query, and verify the information that will be loaded.


  • Only 10 records are displayed to allow you to verify that you are selecting the correct data. This limit prevents system slow down.

  • The button is only enabled if the connection is active and the query is correct. Check your connection or your query if one of the buttons is disabled.


Select OK to establish the connection and fetch data or Cancel to close the dialog. 

The state of the OK and PREVIEW buttons provides a handy status about the state of your connection:

  • The OK and PREVIEW DATA buttons are enabled as soon as the required fields have been entered and verified. This usually means a connection to the data source has been established and a table has been selected.

  • The OK button is disabled when an update is made that can lead to an invalid result (e.g. the User Name or Password is not valid, or the the SQL statement in the Query tab is invalid). In such cases, use  PREVIEW DATA to validate that data can be retrieved. If this fails verify your connection information or query until data can be retrieved.




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