Altair® Monarch®


Activation Using a Monarch License Server

Monarch 2022 can be activated via the Monarch License Server. You can also implement a license server “mirror” to use as a failover server in case your target license server fails.


  1. From the Choose License Method screen of the License Manager, ensure that the Connect to a Monarch License Server button is selected and then click Next.

    The License Server Connection screen displays.

  2. Enter the name of the License Server you wish to connect to in the Server Name field. Ensure that your port is correctly specified.


    If you are unfamiliar with the name of the server to which you should connect, select the dropdown button located to the right of the Server Name field and then click Browse for all to launch a dialog that lists all available servers in your network. Select the server name you wish to connect to and then click OK.


  3. Specify the instance name of the server to which you wish to connect.

  4. Click Connect when you are done.

  5. Upon successful connection, the following screen displays.


  6. Select Finish when you are done.

    You can choose to change the license method for your Monarch install by selecting the Configure License button. Doing so returns you to the Choose License Method screen.

    You may now run and use Monarch.

Implementing License Server Mirroring

You can specify a "failover" license server that will automatically be activated and provide licensing authentication should the main server fail, for example, due to a power outage or hardware malfunction. This functionality requires two License Servers that share the same database. Your system administrator may help you set up these license servers if necessary.


  • You can specify up to two failback license servers at a time

  • Both servers must be running at the same time.

  • Switching between the main and fallback license servers occurs only if the main license server is unreachable. If the main server is reachable but some issue, for example, a communication issue is found, an server connection error message is returned.


  1. After completing Steps 1 and 2 above, go to the Failover Servers section of the wizard and then click Add.

  2. In the Failover License Server Configuration dialog that displays, provide the information of the license server you intend to use as a failover server.


    Similar to Step 2 above, you must provide:

    • Name of the license server you wish to use as a failover server

    • You can enter the server name manually or browse for it using the button. Clicking the Browse for all item that displays will open a Search window that will show all available servers in your network. The instance name is automatically defined as the instance name specified for the main server.

    • Port number of the License Server service. Here, Port 51515 is defined as the default License Server port but this value can be altered to a custom port.

  3. Test the connection if you wish by clicking the Test Connection button.

  4. Click OK on the Failover License Server Configuration dialog to save the details of your failback server.

  5. At this point, you can:

    • Click on the Test Connection button to check the connection to the failback server selected.

    • Click on the Edit  button to modify the details of the failback server selected.

    • Click on the Delete button to delete the details of the selected failback server.

  6. Click the Connect button.

    You will be connected to the License Server and the required license will be granted.