Flow Pattern Preview

Use the Flow Pattern Preview tool to preview how the material will flow during the molding process.

Location: Molding tab, Runner System secondary ribbon

Preview Flow Pattern

Inspire Mold can show you a preview of the material flow pattern in your model.

You must first designate a part cavity and create at least one injection point.
  1. Click the Runner System icon.

  2. Click the Flow Pattern icon.

    The Calculating Flow Pattern window opens.

    This process may take several seconds, depending on the complexity of your model. Finally, the Analysis Explorer opens.

  3. Use the Result Types menu to select between Flow Pattern, Weld Lines, Gate ID, and Thickness result types. This preview can help designers improve the configuration of the model's gates.
    Note: This preview analysis shows only the outer shell of the part, and only four result types. For a complete analysis, use the Run Analysis tool.