LatticeOptimization (hwx.inspire.core)

Fill your design space with an optimized lattice structure.


active: Bool

imported: Bool

name: Attribute

progress: Int

solverType: Enum

status: Enum

visible: Bool

workingDir: Attribute

Public Methods

classmethod export (cls, file, params={}, runOptions={}, ignoreWarnings=False)

__new__ (cls, params={}, runOptions={}, ignoreWarnings=False)

importResults (self, showExplorer=True)

Attribute Details

active : Bool

Returns or sets the object activeness.

Setting this on or off sets all children. Setting to True sets all the parents active too.

imported : Bool

If True, Results are loaded.

name : Attribute

Returns or sets the name of the object.

It can be any text string, including spaces, although it’s best to avoid using the following characters: ” ‘ * ? and $.

While these characters are allowed, they could create difficulties when you export the model to other applications.

progress : Int

Current state of the Object.

solverType : Enum

Solver Type of the Object

status : Enum

Current status of the Object.

visible : Bool

Determines whether the object is visible in the graphics window.

Setting this on or off sets all children. Setting to True sets all the parents visible too.

workingDir : Attribute

Working directory of the Object

Method Details

classmethod export(cls, file, params={}, runOptions={}, ignoreWarnings=False)

Download solver file (.fem, .ssp) for run

param file

File path to save to

type file


param See constructor for params

param runOptions

param ignoreWarnings

__new__(cls, params={}, runOptions={}, ignoreWarnings=False)

Create and run.

Passed params/options are merged into the default values. Use repr(cls.Params(**kwds)) to see exactly what is being used.

param params

See cls.Params.

type params


param runOptions

See cls.RunOptions

type runOptions


param ignoreWarnings

Abort on warnings

type ignoreWarnings


importResults(self, showExplorer=True)

Make results available in the Analysis Explorer.

param showExplorer

Opens the Analysis Explorer dialog (gui mode only)

type showExplorer