Using Multiple Material Libraries

Set up an environment variable to use multiple libraries.

  1. In the Windows Control Panel, navigate to the Environment Variables window.
  2. Under User Variables, click New.

  3. For the Variable name, enter INSPIRE_MATERIALS.
  4. For the Variable value, specify the path to the folder where the material library is stored. Multiple paths should be separated by a semi-colon.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Back in the Environment Variables window, the new INSPIRE_MATERIALS variable should now appear with its associated file path.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Click the Materials icon on the Structure or Fluids ribbon.

    Tip: To find and open a tool, press Ctrl+F. For more information, see Find and Search for Tools.
  9. Click the Material Library tab. If there are materials with the same name but different values in multiple libraries, then the name of the material is displayed along with the file path. If both libraries have the same material name and the same values, then only one material is shown.
  10. Click the to close the table.