New Keywords in 2024

New and modified features in Radioss.

Note: Please print this page for future reference.

New Starter Keywords

  • /DAMP/VREL - To define the Rayleigh mass damping relative to the average velocity of the set of nodes or the motion of the local frame
  • /FAIL/ORTHENERG - An orthotropic failure criterion based on fracture energy generating a stress softening.

Modified Starter Keywords

  • /ANALY - Removed Isubcycle which is no longer supported
  • /FAIL/BIQUAD - Added stress softening parameters, ICOUP, DCRIT and EXP

New Engine Keywords

  • /SENS/RESET - Option to reset the sensor status at the beginning of the run

New LS-DYNA Keywords

Modified LS-DYNA Keywords

Obsolete Keywords