The MotionSolve gear API statements help you model geometry-based gear elements.

Gears are the main elements of a power transmission system. Modeling and analyzing gears is a major step within the design cycle. Naturally, the MBD environment supports gear elements.

In the early design iteration, the engineer/designer of a power transmission system is constantly changing parameters of the gears to achieve the intended results. Regarding the MBD systems process, changing a gear parameter (for example, the number of teeth), causes a change on the geometry which demands a time-consuming process, consisting of rebuilding the geometry, meshing, and importing again. Machinery gear elements help correct this design bottle neck. By using the machinery gear elements, the design process is immediately accelerated due to the internal mesh generation. Hence, a lengthy modeling process is reduced to seconds, allowing you to see the performance of the gear design within an MBD system instantaneously. Furthermore, you can export gear loads using built-in requests for subsequent durability analysis. You can export gear geometries/graphics to be used in HyperMesh, for example. Use those geometries/graphics in combination with OptiStruct to establish CMS-based flexible bodies and reinsert them back into the MBD system to capture gear stresses and deformations.