OS-V: 0120 Two-Dimensional Heat Transfer with Convection

Test No. T4 The model has zero internal heat generation and OptiStruct examines the temperature at point E for steady-state heat transfer analysis.

図 1. FE Model with Boundary Conditions and Loadcases

Model Files


Benchmark Model

A 10x6 mesh configuration is created with QUAD4, QUAD8, TRIA3 and TRIA6 elements. One edge of the plate has a prescribed temperature of 100 °C, one end is insulated, and there is convection to the ambient temperature at the other two edges.

The material properties are:
Material Properties
52.0 W/m°C
Surface Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient
750.0 W/m2 °C

Linear Static Analysis Results

All results are normalized with the target value (18.30 °C).
Shell Element Material Temperature at Point C, x=0.08m, time t=32sec (°C) Normalized with the Target Value
Quad4 17.77 1.029825549
Quad8 17.1 1.070175439
Tria3 17.29 1.058415269
Tria6 16.83 1.087344029


NAFEMS R0015 - Selected benchmarks for natural frequency analysis