New Features

Geometry Release Highlights
Watch this video to learn more about Geometry features in 2023.
  • Sketching in one modeling window within HyperMesh shows existing geometry in the background.
  • Extract Lines at intersection of two planes, planes/surfaces, planes/elements, and surface/surface.
  • Extract Nodes/Points at intersection of two planes or planes with lines, surfaces, or solids.
  • Faces, edges, and equivalence have new context menus available to check and fix mesh connectivity issues.
  • The Detach elements workflow is migrated under the Topology Detach context menu.
  • Element quality legend support for 1D elements is added along with the ability to dynamically change criteria values to obtain the failed element count.
  • Merge solids by removing shared surfaces supported under the Boolean: Combine tool.
  • Split lines at joints has been added under the Split: Parametric tool.
  • Create lines by dragging nodes has been added under the Lines tool.


  • A 3-point circle creation method is added under the Circles tool.
  • Create mesh option has been added for Spline, Node/Point Cloud Surface Creation tools
  • Elements and Facets selections are added to create solid elements using the Spin tool.
  • Miscellaneous inconsistencies with Ruled and Skin are fixed with regards to FE GEOM and connectivity.

Resolved Issues

  • The Reset button on the guide bar is now consistent within all Geometry tools.