New Features

  • Added apply mass controller to replace the apply mass panel.


Metal Clip Enhancements
  • Added an option for determining the hole nodes.
  • Added an option to offset the cylindrical selection horizontally.
Stitch HL Enhancements
  • Stitch HL can now have more than two links.
  • Node selection is available during absorption for Stitch HL.
  • HAZ size is now dependent on the plate thickness.
  • Stitch HL can now be split.
Other Enhancements
  • Miscellaneous enhancements to CWELD and CFAST realizations.
  • Absorb now supports elements and nodes as link types.
  • Absorb correctly assigns element type for core configs that support changing the element type.
  • RBE3 Connect tool retains the selection.
  • Rebuild option is now set as default in various configs for the "After Imprint" and "Unrealize Remesh or Rebuild" attributes.
  • xMCF now supports Weld Database file support
  • Connector control file auto-loaded from the Absorb GUIs as well
  • MAT8 and PSHELL for Huth/Rutman Formulation is now calculated as a Composite.
  • CFAST Element System is now available for Huth realization.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where some blind drill holes were not recognized.
  • Fixed issues regarding crashes when realizing or absorbing connectors.
  • Resolved issue with PSOLID as the first link on a connector.