New Features

Composite Stress Toolbox
With the Composite stress toolbox, you can do model post-processing with contour plots.
Supported solvers:
  • OptiStruct: PCOMP(G), PCOMPP
  • Nastran: PCOMP(G)
Supported result file types:
  • *.op2, *.h3d, *.h5, *.hdf5, *.xdb
  • Load can be selected by subcase or simulation.
  • Element mid-plane strains, first-ply-failure margins and critical ply ID.
  • Ply recovery planes’ (middle, top/bottom, top/middle/bottom) stresses and strains in corresponding ply material system, and first-ply-failure margins.
Elements can be selected from the contour plot for detailed post-processing with full tabular results and through-thickness plots.

Figure 1.


Composite Stress Toolbox
Engineering constants include out-of-plane shear properties.

Figure 2.
Multiscale Designer materials are supported in Abaqus profile (*_mdsMAT.dat).
Improved readability when switching between color themes in HyperWorks.
With contouring allowing post-processing for a large number of elements, the amount of elements for load response table and plot results is now limited to 1000.
Injection Mold Mapping
Shell element mapping support added in the OptiStruct profile.

Known Issues

Composite Stress Toolbox
Derived load cases not yet supported.
Load response contouring does not fully support symmetric laminates. While element contour already takes symmetry into account fully, the ply wise result selection is still lacking the symmetric layers.
Contouring load response for PCOMPG relies on layer index instead of global ply ID.

Resolved Issues

Composite Stress Toolbox
All analyses utilize the full DRAPE table information (n slices) as opposed to single DRAPE entry.
Certification - Model Contouring Tool
The Method Contouring Tool allows contouring “Critical ply id” and “Critical material id” again (broken in previous minor release).
The Layer list filter in the Method Contouring Tool is again populated for all use cases (broken in previous minor release).