Altair HyperLife Weld Certification 2023 Release Notes

New Features

Ribbon Hints
Ribbon hints have been added to help identify tools that have multiple pick targets or open a secondary ribbon. They are small indicators that appear in the ribbon between a tool’s icon and label. The number of dots represents the number of pick targets in a tool, including some that are hidden until hovering over the tool.

Figure 1.
To control this option, go to File > Preferences > Common > Application > Show ribbon hints.

Resolved Issues

  • Application error while evaluating specific models.
  • Inconsistent behavior of the Load Combination File (LCF) when running more than one step/increment.
  • Derived subcase IDs created from LCF being blocked upon delete.
  • Shear utilization in FKM unwelded evaluation.
  • Stress projection in solid weld evaluation.

Known Issues

The following known issues will be addressed in the upcoming release as we continuously improve the performance of the software:
  • Weld detection with Abaqus part instances.
  • Load map issue when derived load cases and original load cases have the same IDs. A load combination file is encouraged in such scenarios.
  • The progress bar is not shown for weld detection, applying regulation and evaluation operations. The issue is specific to the Linux operating system.
  • Inconsistent behavior in evaluating B-welds with IEC specification.