Altair Squeak and Rattle Director 2022.3 Release Notes


  • Part of Ziegler Database packaged within SnRD - Offline.
  • Risk Assessment Results are available in E-line Review Table.
  • A Shorter version of the E-line ID can now be visualized Barplot in Risk Assessment

New Features

Risk Assessment Results are Available in E-line Review Table
The maximum value for each E-line of the visible results type and load case is shown in the E-line Review table. This allows for easier comparison of E-line risks and makes it possible to remove No/Low risk E-lines from the model to reduce scope for further investigations and diagnostics.


Part of Ziegler Database Packaged Within SnRD - Offline
Ziegler PEM Database can be used to perform a material compatibility analysis or to extract the Impulse rate range for a material pair, which is required for Squeak evaluation. For extraction of Impulse Rate only, you can use the direct integration inside of SnRD. In this release, it has been taken offline and no connection to the cloud based data is required.
A Shorter Version of the E-line ID Can Now be Visualized in the Barplot in Risk Assessment
To avoid cluttering the barplot axis, you can now decide to show only the short version of the E-line ID, excluding the numbering convention for the number of E-points on the E-line.

Resolved Issues

  • Connection to Ziegler PEM Database for Squeak E-line material mapping is available again in this release.
  • Coordinate System was not correctly created when creating E-lines using Manual Method (selecting Main/Secondary manually), this is now resolved.

Known Issues

The following known issues will be addressed in future releases as we continuously improve performance of the software:
  • Pre: contour plots for multiple load cases cannot be shown at the same time in the window.
  • Post: comparing Squeak results from multiple load cases is not supported.
  • Post: comparing multiple load cases from different files with same load case ID is not supported.
  • Post: combined loading with a model which only consists of Squeak lines is not supported.
  • Post: loading a model file from a network location (unless it’s mapped to a drive) is not supported.