Abaqus Interface 2022.3 Release Notes

Altair HyperMesh


Migrated Loads Support
Support for migrated loads through Pretension manager was enhanced.
New Keyword
A new keyword was added: *INELASTIC HEAT FRACTION.
New Element Type
A new element type was added for heat transfer: C3D6HT.
Overconstraint check for dependent nodes in coupling constrains was added.

Resolved Issues

  • Duplicate names for sets no longer have an issue with renumbering and renaming.
  • New dataline added for *CAVITY DEFINITION to have more than two surfaces.
  • Property definition on compound sets across includes was lost in export and the issue is resolved.
  • The keyword *GAP no longer has missing data, such as slip rate or friction coefficient.
  • Search issue with *FLUID BEHAVIOR has been resolved. It will now will lead to the right material card.
  • An issue with Entity State Browser on export/active status for migrated keywords (*NON-STRUCTURAL MASS, *RIGID BODY) has been resolved.
  • An issue with the keyword *CONTACT INTERFERENCE importing wrong surfaces with input file import has been resolved.

Altair HyperView

Resolved Issues

  • The issue with splitting Contact Results has been resolved.