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Manufacturing Solutions includes an interface with a HyperWeld user profile and FrictionStirWelding sub-profile. This interface provides tools to create the required data to set up and solve a friction stir welding problem.

Note: The FrictionStirWelding sub-profile shares the same solver with the HyperXtrude user profile. In addition to this online help,  a set of tutorials is available to learn the interface for the HyperXtrude solver.


Data Files

Data generated for a friction stir welding analysis is organized into .grf and .fsw or .tcl files:

.grf files

The.grf file contains the mesh, material data, boundary conditions, and other special data.

.fsw or .tcl files

The .fsw file, known as a parameter file or .tcl file, contains commands written in the TCL language to set process parameters and control the solver operations. This file can be saved with either a .fsw or .tcl extension.


Process-Driven GUI Features

Create Mesh

Create Weld mesh model
Assign materials to components
Assign boundary conditions
Assign process parameters


Material Database

Add/edit/delete materials
Assign materials to components
Graph flow stress/viscosity


Boundary Condition Editor

Create/delete boundary condition data
Create loads for each BC


Additional Tools

Edit process parameters
Edit extract points
Inspect model summary
Split tet4 to hex8        


Data Import and Export



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