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Exporting Data        

Exporting Data        

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Exporting Data        

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The last step of the process flow is to export the Moldflow data deck. The Export Data group in the Utility menu provides options for exporting *.udm Moldflow files and *.hm HyperMesh-based files.

Clicking Moldflow displays the Export Moldflow Data Files dialog, where you can set export options.


The following options are available in the Export Moldflow Data Files dialog:



Project file:

Specifies the location and the name of the project file.

MPI format:

The MPI version:



Writes out one ASCII *.UDM file.



Writes out a set of files. There is only limited support for this version.

HM Model units:

Units used for meshing.  It is automatically converted to meters in the exported file(s).

Export entities:

The entities to be exported:



Exports only displayed entities.



Exports all entities.

Model type:

The model type: Midplane, Fusion, or Flow3D.

Clicking Export saves the specified file in the specified location.


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