Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Meshing

Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) is a technique used to analyze bodies that do not have high cohesive forces among themselves and undergo large deformation, such as liquids and gases.

Restriction: Available in the Radioss, PAM-CRASH 2G, and LS-DYNA solver interfaces.

In SPH Finite Point Method (SPH FPM), a given volume of the body of interest is discretized into particles, called SPH elements. These elements are node-like particles which have no geometric connectivity among themselves. Each SPH element has an effective mass. The summed mass of all particles in the filled volume of the body should be equal to the mass of the filled volume.

Update SPH Elements

Use the Entity Editor to update SPH elements for the desired keyword.

This includes modifying the assigned nodes, property, and so on where applicable for the solver.

Note: To change the element type, see Change Element Type.