Renumber Panel

Use the Renumber panel to renumber entities. You may also enter a value by which to offset the IDs of entities.

Location: Organize menu bar

When the ID to be assigned to an entity is already assigned to another entity, MotionView adds the increment to the ID until a unique ID is found. Because of this, it may be necessary to move the entities out of the way by initially renumbering all of the entities starting with a large ID, and then renumber again with the desired IDs.

All Subpanel

Use the All subpanel to renumber all entities in the model, regardless of type.
Option Action
start with = Specify the starting ID for the entities you selected.
increment by = Specify the value by which to increment the entity IDs.
offset = Specify the value with which to offset the selected entities.

It is possible to offset by both positive and negative values, provided that the offset IDs of all selected entities are greater than zero.

Command Buttons

Button Action
renumber Renumber the selected entities according to the input settings.
min/max Causes the total number and the range of numbers of the selected entity type to display as a message in the status bar. If entities are selected, the total number and range of numbers includes only the selected entities; otherwise, all entities of the type specified by the entity switch are counted.
Note: Available in the Single subpanel.
offset Offset the numbers by the value specified in offset = each time you click offset.
reject Undo the renumbering of entities.
return Exit the panel.