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Location: From the Menu Bar, select Mesh Editing > Remesh.

The Remesh option lets you make modifications to the mesh of a model without leaving the HyperCrash user interface. The Remesh option uses the functionality, Automesh, selection by elements, from HyperMesh. For more information, see Automesh Panel in the HyperMesh User's Guide.


The following examples show you how to use Remesh:


hmtoggle_arrow1Remeshing a Part During a HyperCrash Session
1.Start HyperCrash and load a model.


The following is an example of a model that includes several parts:




2.Change the display of the model to shaded wire frame, and then isolate the part of your model that you want to remesh. The example below shows an isolated part in red:




3.From the Menu Bar, select Mesh Editing > Remesh:




The Mesh Edit panel appears:



4.Using the tools on the Mesh Edit panel, select an area on your part that you want to remesh.


The following example shows an area of a part to select for remeshing:



The selected elements appear in red on your screen:



5.In the Mesh Edit panel, as you see in Step 3., click and then enter a value for these fields: Method type, Element type, Element size, and Algorithm for meshing.
6.After you have entered the values to define the remesh operation, click Preview.

The HyperMesh startup screen appears for a moment, and then disappears. Though HyperMesh is running in the background, your session remains inside of the HyperCrash environment.

Note: The initial Remesh operation can be time-consuming.  After the initial operation, the following iterations run very quickly.


The area selected in the image in Step 4. is remeshed as below:


Notice the square outlined in red.  The area in the left part of the square includes elements that were remeshed.  These elements are much finer than the ones in the right area of the square, which were not remeshed.


7.Evaluate the new mesh. If you don't like what you see, select Cancel, change the values on the Mesh Edit panel, and then rerun the remesh operation.
8.Once you are satisfied with your mesh, at the bottom of the Mesh Edit panel, select Save. The modified mesh is saved to the source model, and reflected in your HyperCrash session.
9.Additional options are available to further improve the mesh, such as Smooth.


hmtoggle_arrow1Remeshing a Part with Connections to Other Parts

If you remesh a part of a model that includes connections to other parts, HyperCrash automatically tries to re-establish the connections during the remesh operation. The following images show a model before a remesh operation, after a remesh operation, and after a remesh operation with connections maintained between elements on the part and other elements in the model:


Before Remesh


Preview After Remesh



Remesh with Connections Maintained




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