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This section shows you how to do the following:


hmtoggle_arrow1Define a Parameter

You can define a parameter (/PARAMETER) as follows:

Integer (INT).
Real (REAL).
Integer expression (INT_EXPR): Defines an expression of INTEGER parameters.
Real expression (REAL_EXPR): Defines an expression of REAL parameters.


hmtoggle_arrow1Create a Parameter
1.From the main menu, select RADIOSS Tools > Parameter.

The Parameter card tab opens.

2.From the Notebook window, right-click, and then select Create New > REAL, INT, REAL_EXPR or INT_EXPR.


An ampersand (&) indicates a parameter.

3.The appropriate material subpanel opens for you to enter the following:
For Title*, enter a new name.
For [PARAM_NAME], enter a parameter name.
For [PARAM_VALUE], enter a parameter value.


4.Save, Close or Cancel your entries.


hmtoggle_arrow1Import and Export a Parameter
1.From File, select Export (or Import) > RADIOSS.

The RADIOSS output tab opens.

2.Enter a new filename (example: *_export_0000.rad), and then click OK.
3.Locate and open the file that was just created.
4.In the exported file, each parameter is defined in a RADIOSS Block Keyword as you see below:



hmtoggle_arrow1Cross-Reference a Parameter
1.From the Parameter tab, select a parameter.
2.Click the Cross Reference icon:



The Cross-Reference dialog opens and displays the parameter that has been cross- referenced along with the attribute (field) associated with the parameter:



hmtoggle_arrow1Associate and Disassociate a Parameter

Associating a Parameter

1.Right-click a parameter, and then select Select Parameter as below:



The Select in Model dialog opens:



2.From the Select in Model dialog: select a parameter, click OK, and then Save.


Disassociating a Parameter

1.From the appropriate card tab, select a parameter.
2.Right-click a parameter, and then select Disassociate Parameter.

Only the value remains intact.


3.Click Save.