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This section shows you how to do the following:


hmtoggle_arrow1Define a Parameter

You can define a (*PARAMETER) as follows:

Integer (INT): The INT parameter begins with the letter "I".
REAL (REAL): The REAL parameter begins with the letter "R".
Integer expression (INT_EXPR): Defines an expression of INTEGER parameters.
Real expression (REAL_EXPR): Defines an expression of REAL parameters.


hmtoggle_arrow1Create a Parameter
1.From the main menu, select LS-DYNA Tools > Parameter.

The Parameter card tab opens.

2.From the Notebook window, right-click, and then select Create New > REAL, INT, INT_EXPR or REAL_EXPR as below:


An ampersand (&) indicates a parameter.


3.The appropriate material subpanel opens for you to do the following:
For Title*, enter a new name.
For Parameter value, enter a value.
Save, Close or Cancel your entries.



hmtoggle_arrow1Import or Export a Parameter
1.From File, select Export (or Import) > LS-DYNA.

The LS-DYNA output tab opens.

2.Enter a new filename (example: *_export.k), and then click OK.
3.Locate and open the file that was just created.
In the export file, the keywords are automatically defined on separate lines.
Parameters starting with the letter “I” indicate INTEGER.
Parameters starting with the letter R indicate REAL.



hmtoggle_arrow1Cross-Reference a Parameter
1.From the Parameter tab, select a parameter.
2.Select the Cross Reference icon:



The Cross-Reference dialog opens and displays the parameter that has been cross-referenced along with the attribute (field) associated with the parameter:



hmtoggle_arrow1Associate and Disassociate a Parameter

Associating a Parameter

1.Right-click a parameter, and then select, Select Parameter, as below:



A Select in Model dialog opens:


2.Select a parameter, click OK, and then Save.


Disassociating a Parameter

1.From the appropriate card tab, double-click a parameter.

The material card opens.

2.Right-click a parameter, and then select Disassociate Parameter.

Only the value remains intact as you see below:



3.Click Save.