LS-DYNA and RADIOSS Profiles

LS-DYNA and RADIOSS Profiles

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LS-DYNA and RADIOSS Profiles

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HyperCrash support for LS-DYNA and RADIOSS includes:

Defining contact interfaces, initial velocities, control cars, etc.
Setting all available parameters.
Descriptions from the LS-DYNA and RADIOSS manuals.
Intuitive visualization and review.
LS-DYNA cards and RADIOSS keywords.

Some features in the LS-DYNA and RADIOSS profiles do not exist or are limited in other user profiles.



The menu option LS-DYNA Tools is only available in the LS-DYNA profile.  This menu option allows you to create additional LS-DYNA cards that are not loads.

In addition, there are other sub-menu options that are unique to the LS-DYNA profile in the Connections, Mesh Editing, Model, LoadCase and Data History menus.

You can create and edit properties for most of the LS-DYNA Tools, Connections, Mesh Editing, Model and LoadCase menus by right-clicking in the panel that opens when you make a menu selection and choose Create New.

In the lower panel, right-click in each field corresponding to an aspect of the card to choose an option for that field, or modify the entry by typing a new value.

The Dummy Positioner differs in the LS-DYNA profile, as well.  Instead of importing a dummy model using the Dummy Positioner, LS-DYNA users will import the dummy file by using the File > Import menu option.  The dummy is then manipulated using the Dummy Positioner.  This is discussed in more detail in Dummy Positioner.



The menu option RADIOSS Tools is only available in the RADIOSS profile.  In addition, some sub-menu options are unique to the RADIOSS profile.

Only in the RADIOSS profile, when setting Unit systems, a dialog appears confirming the conversion.

Support of long path file names is now supported for RADIOSS.

The option to rename the RADIOSS sub-model is now available from the browser listing.