Thickness Contour

Thickness Contour

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Thickness Contour

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Check the Thickness of the Parts

1.Select parts in the tree (see Selection List for information on how to select parts in the tree).
2.From the Menu bar, select Quality > Contour Check.

HyperCrash displays a thickness range in the left of the graphic window and displays in color the parts with iso-thicknesses.  All the parts with a thicknesses out of range are displayed in grey.

3.In the Contour tab, select Thickness from the drop-down menu next to Attributes.
4.Enter a value in the Min value: field.

Click resetToMinThickness-24 to reset the minimum value of the mode.

5.Enter a value in the Max value: field.

Click resetToMaxThickness-24 to reset the maximum value of the mode.


Display Actions




See / Update display.


Display only the parts that have a thickness value included in the defined range and select them in the tree.


Clear the display in the graphic window.


Increase or decrease the number of colors; or

Enter a value in the window Number of colors: and press the ENTER key to validate.